Keeping our communities together — a campaign brand to address our local housing crisis in Portland, OR.

Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing
Yes for Housing
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Yes! for

Made for: Yes! for Affordable Housing
In partnership with: Wheelhouse Northwest.


What was needed:
In 2018, Portland, OR was facing a rapidly growing housing crisis, with upwards of 12,000 people in the metro area unable to access affordable housing, thus facing homelessness. Wheelhouse Northwest came to us with a proposal; to create the campaign brand for a local and statewide ballot measure that would begin to address this housing crisis.

How we got there:
In developing the initial branding for Yes! on Affordable Housing in partnership with Wheelhouse Northwest, our goal was to build a versatile system of campaign communication to carry us through the election season. The campaign also aimed to raise awareness and voter engagement enough to secure a spot for the housing measures on the November 2018 ballot. (Spoiler alert: they did it).

The brand itself developed from a visual study of our city as a true communal effort — better with every iteration and stronger with every bit of feedback. The mark is uplifting, joyful, and expresses a vision of Portland in which everyone has access to affordable housing.

What the campaign achieved:
The Affordable Housing ballot measures were successfully added to the Oregon ballot in November 2018. Even better? Both measures passed city and state-wide with overwhelming support.