We believe authentic brand work has the power to seriously embolden your mission and to make you go after what you’ve always wanted. So we started House of Rebelo—a creative-led, feelings-driven design studio that works closely with you to make your vision come to life.

Meet the team.

Kristen Rebelo


Meet Kristen—a seasoned creative with a decade of experience in agency life and a passion for making meaningful connections through design. Kristen has worked with a diverse range of clients, from tech startups to global brands, and has developed a deep understanding of the power of design to drive marketing success.

Kristen is committed to creating brands that are not only beautiful, but also functional and communicative. She believes that good design should be deeply personal and user-centered, and she is always looking for new ways to connect with audiences and create compelling brand experiences.

Away from her desk, you can find Kristen painting, traveling, reading three books at a time, or looking for the next tiny dog to pet.

Cade Robinson


Born on the Fourth of July with a never-ending curiosity and an ambition for justice, Cade has an eye for detail, a steady hand, and the technical skills to bring projects to life. Cade considers design thinking to be one of our greatest assets in creating genuine, positive impact on communities.

As a skilled, technical thinker, Cade greatly appreciates how all of the gears come together to make a single idea thrive. Cade is process-oriented and scientifically inclined—a useful trait in a creative person. You can always count on them for thoughtful critique and meaningful feedback.

Off the clock, you’ll find Cade making art for art’s sake—exploring and expanding their understanding of both the natural and social worlds.

Our Collaborators

We can't do this alone. We've built a community of trusted web developers, marketing experts, copywriters, and creative collaborators that make our work possible. We're passionate about lifting each other up, working for the common good, and we believe that we’re stronger together.