Creative Services

Logo Refresh

We're guessing when you started your business or org, you or a friend made a DIY logo. And that's gotten you this far, hasn't it?! But at some point (usually a few years in) you're gonna be ready for a professional glow-up. We'll work with your existing logo concept to make it all shiny and new, make an extensive logo package, and create a mark that will grow alongside you.

Not sure if your logo is ready for a refresh? Take the quiz to find out.


For when you know what you do, know your audience, and are ready to get serious with your marketing. Through the process of branding, we'll explore the roots of your mission, craft a unique creative vision and plan for your brand, and make your new logo and all that goes with it (colors, typography, iconography, oh my!) Finally, we'll define it all in comprehensive Brand Guidelines that keep your brand consistent and make it easy for anyone to use.

Digital & Print Design

You've got your brand, now it's time to launch yourself into the world. Digital design is anything on a screen—from your website, to ebooks, to email design. Print materials are anything tangible that will represent your mission (think business cards, t-shirts, and annual reports), and can be some of your most powerful tools. We'll help figure out what materials you need, and work with you to make them happen.

Creative Consulting

For when you're not sure what you need, or want a creative pro's opinion. When you apply to work with us, we'll have an initial creative consult to see what we can do for ya.

We love our clients and creative partners. Through collaboration, we've built incredible brands together.

We love our clients and creative partners. Through collaboration, we've built incredible brands together.

What the clients say:

Working with Kristen is a joy—she’s responsive, communicative, reliable, creative and fun! She’s adept at tapping into a brand’s unique style to create work that seamlessly integrates with the broader brand system, and she provides interesting, thoughtful and timely solutions to both print and digital design challenges.”

- Kris Travis, Brand Manager, A. Smith

"Working with House of Rebelo was such a dream. We needed help restructuring our website and whole customer experience and they really came through. From our first call, their process ensured that they really understood who we are, our business, our goals, and the message we were trying to send to our customers. They really listened to our requests and delivered quality designs with amazing attention to the smallest details. I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for ANYTHING related to design (logo, website, marketing materials). House of Rebelo can do it all and they are a pleasure to work with.”

- Blaire Hamilton, Co-Founder, First Step Expeditions