Close-to-home collateral for the organization supporting those facing situational homelessness nationwide.

2015 Annual Report
Shelters to Shutters

Shelters to Shutters

Made for: Shelters to Shutters
In partnership with: Bittersweet Creative


What was needed:
In 2016, Shelters to Shutters came to Bittersweet Creative seeking an Annual Report that would showcase their exponential growth and impact over the previous year. As a program that offers assistance to those facing situational homelessness, Shelters to Shutters cites a 93% success rate in placing individuals into housing and employment. We looked to visually highlight two specific achievements — individual stories of full time employment and housing through Shelters to Shutters’ programming, and the significant return on investment for donations made to the organization.

What we achieved:
The 2015 Annual Report for Shelters to Shutters, produced by Bittersweet Creative, is the visual success story of a once-small nonprofit achieving record growth in funding and impact.