Launching a website, defining a brand, and inspiring readers to travel with confidence.

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Made for: Living Big Travel

What was needed:
We met Mary Cecchini, founder of Living Big Travel, amidst a bold transition in her company. After years spent leading solo female travelers on adventures all over the world, she had big dreams of branching into travel design for a wider range of clients, and of empowering everyone to live big through travel. Meaning, she needed a fresh face for the Living Big Travel brand, and new website.

How we got there:
First, we finalized Mary’s vision for a refined logo and strategized a visual language to infuse the brand with a sense of adventure, exploration, and storytelling. Big type, narrative wayfinding, and illustrated characters take readers on an exciting journey through all brand pieces.

Then it was time for a website, and functionality was key. We worked as a collaboration of tech, design, and copywriting to migrate Living Big Travel’s existing site from WordPress, and we built out a new vision through personable storytelling and photography. Key, unique highlights include a travel inspiration page to evoke wanderlust, a tailored page for each persona of Living Big Travel’s audience, and custom illustrations scattered throughout.

Lastly, we integrated a newsletter signup into the site to provide tailored content to Living Big Travel’s audience, and we provided a suite of email headers and launch graphics to accompany the relaunch.

What the campaign achieved:
Living Big Travel successfully relaunched in July of 2019 thanks the truly collaborative effort of an all-female team.

What’s next?
A social media content strategy. Stay tuned!