A new visual suite for the global team working towards sustainable energy and environmental solutions.

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2018 Print + Digital Program

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Event Backdrop

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Printed Map Visualization

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The Global Environmental


Made for: The World Bank
In partnership with: Bittersweet Creative Group

What was needed:
The Global Environmental Facility (GEF) was established in 1992 by The World Bank to combat our world’s most pressing environmental issues. Fast forward to 2017, they’ve raised over $20 billion in funding and come to Bittersweet Creative looking to tell the story of their impact and big plans for the future. We were tasked with creating this report (shared both digitally and in print) as well as event signage and collateral.

How we got there:
First, we looked to what The World Bank has always done well — implementing a versatile brand that resonates with global audiences. We tied the two brands together using typography and color, while also introducing new visual elements. Then, we thought of their audience — mostly donors and world leaders seeking to combat environmental crisis’. In creative execution, we wove dynamic portraits and landscape photography into an engaging and informative report.

What the campaign achieved:
The final collateral, produced by Bittersweet Creative, is a visual suite that draws us in, invites us to look closer, and connects readers with global environmental issues. The GEF suite of collateral was launched at the Sixth GEF Assembly in Vietnam in June of 2018.