A new creative vision for the program achieving sustainable energy solutions, economic growth, and a reduction in global poverty.

2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

Energy Sector
Energy Tranformation
2017 Program

2017 Program


Energy Sector
Assistance Program

Made for: The World Bank
In partnership with: Bittersweet Creative


What was needed:
ESMAP is a program of The World Bank that works to fund sustainable energy projects in low and middle-income countries to combat global poverty. In 2017, they had recently refreshed their logo and came to Bittersweet Creative to talk brand strategy and application. It was time for this trusted global program to get an updated look and feel — a versatile system of communication both deeply impactful with audiences, and applicable across a wide range of collateral. Starting with: brand guidelines, an annual report, and a brochure for an event at the end of the year.

How we got there:
First, we strategized brand application. Looking to the logo's pop of bright color, we created a system of data visualizations and messaging callouts through the use of a dark color palette, with key information called out in bright highlights. Icons are used as a wayfinding element to easily distinguish ESMAP's sectors at a glance, and graphic elements throughout illustrate both energy problems and energy solutions. In the end, all pieces are created through the lens of being informative, accessible, and illuminating.

What we achieved:
ESMAP’s brand revamp in 2017 has taken the program’s collateral to new heights. In collaboration with Bittersweet Creative, we’ve since created additional pieces including: yearly annual reports, presentations, brand templates, and infographics.

What’s next?
An infographic! More reports! Stay tuned.