Keeping our communities together
a brand to address our local
housing crisis in Portland, OR.


Yes! for

Created for Yes! on Affordable Housing in
collaboration with Wheelhouse, NW.


Portland is facing a rapidly growing housing crisis, with upwards of 12,000 people currently unable to access affordable housing as prices throughout the city rise. Now, two ballot measures — one at a local level, and one at a state level, are working together to address this crisis. These bonds in tandem will fund affordable housing for thousands of low income families, will keep communities together, and will dedicate resources to people facing homelessness.

In developing the brand for Yes! on Affordable Housing, our goal was to build a solid system of campaign communication and to raise engagement in order to get affordable housing measures onto ballots in November 2018.

The brand for Yes! on Affordable Housing developed from a study of this city we know and love into a true communal effort — better with every iteration and stronger with every bit of feedback. The mark is whimsical, joyful, and expressive of Portland as a special place, even in times of growth. Subsequent collateral has mobilized a grassroots movement, and the brand continues to develop alongside the success of the campaign.

The Affordable Housing ballot measures have successfully been added to Oregon ballots in November 2018. What's next? Passing the measures.
VOTE YES on Oregon Measure 102
VOTE YES on Portland Measure 26-199

Yes For Affordable Housing
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