We believe in the power of design.
Design as a tool for advocacy and community engagement.
Through creative strategy and storytelling, we bring your mission to life.


Kristen Rebelo
Creative Strategist & Design Lead

Hi there, I'm Kristen – morning person, bleeding-heart idealist, and leader of all things design. After spending years working with global brands in the product and corporate world, it was time to get back to my ultimate mission — using design as a tool for campaign building and for real, measurable social good.

I collaborate with clients and communications teams across the country to create full scale creative campaigns with a focus on brand development and political strategy. Using design as an opportunity to educate and empathize with audiences, my approach is user-centered and believes that design should be more compelling and communicative than it is pretty. Together, we create powerful stories that drive progressive action.

Away from my desk you can find me traveling, studying American history, working on projects that get my hands dirty, or with my nose in a book.

Traveling next to: Japan
Drinking: a Bloody Mary
Reading: A Little Life - Hanya Yanagihara, The Jungle - Upton Sinclair
Most likely to: Talk to a dog before their human


Cade Robinson:
Designer & Production Master

Hi-ya! My name is Cade. Born on the Fourth of July with an ambition for justice and a never-ending curiosity. I have an eye for detail and a steady hand, and have worked in both studio and shop settings creating collateral, executing brands, and leading print & web production. I find great appreciation for all of the gears that come together to make a single idea thrive.

I believe design has the power to make all things accessible and understandable, and that every message sent out into the world has the potential to have a genuine, positive impact on individuals and their communities. 

Off the clock, you'll most likely find me studying — filling in the gaps of my scientific understanding of the world. You may even find me chipping away at my own creative projects.

Traveling next to: Northern Australia
Drinking: The fruitiest thing on the menu
Watching: Won't You Be My Neighbor (2018)
Most likely to: Ruin your favorite songs by pointing out scientific inaccuracies in the lyrics


Knives & Bird
CFO, Head of Legal


Usually up to no good.