Renewing a ballot measure and securing support for children city-wide.

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The Portland
Children's Levy

Created for The Portland Children's Levy in
collaboration with Winning Mark.


We had a clear goal in establishing a campaign website for The Portland Children's Levy in early 2018 — to encourage Portlanders to vote YES and renew funding for the Levy on the May 2018 Primary ballot.

Since 2002, the Levy has successfully provided resources to children city-wide in education, health, and family services.

We drew upon the recent success of Forest Fire Facts to create a straightforward, factual, and easily navigable site where users could access information about how to vote yes to renew The Portland Children's Levy. A colorful system of branding had been established by the Levy, and we worked with their bright palette and illustrative icons, supported by adorable and genuine photos. The campaign website utilizes direct and actionable CTAs, guiding users where to either find more information, donate, or take action.

The Portland Children's Levy was passed with an overwhelming YES vote in May 2018.

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The Portland Children's Levy