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Forest Fire Facts

Created for The Western Environmental Law Center
in collaboration with Winning Mark.

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2017 was a record year for forest fires nationwide — especially turbulent along the west coast, causing the destruction of our beloved forests and many homes. These unfortunate losses created an opportunity for the timber industry to claim the narrative — using public fear of forest fires to increase logging. This would serve to significantly increase timber industry profits, but would ultimately devastate our forests long-term.

In reality, forest fires are a natural part of our ecosystems and the solutions to managing destructive fires are surprising. With Forest Fire Facts, we sought to reclaim the truth about forest fires — creating an educational resource and audience building platform backed by a community of scientists, activists, and local forest management. Forest Fire Facts began as an awareness campaign and will ultimately drive legislative action.

Our campaign began with research and collaboration with a dedicated team of environmental law experts and political strategists. We decided on key creative touchpoints that would drive campaign development  — a complete brand, website, and a suite of campaign ads.

In building the brand for Forest Fire Facts, I looked to both nostalgic, historic park signage and to the forest itself. Our system of visual communication is honest, evocative, and conversational. The campaign website is fully responsive, integrated with social media, and easily navigable for all users seeking facts and resources. Our ad campaign (selection shown to left) is tailored and specifically targeted to audiences.

Forest Fire Facts launched in December 2017 and has been an extremely successful educational and audience building platform. In 2 months, we grew a base of over 8,000 supporters and advocates and rapidly increased engagement.

Forest Fire Facts